"...The Kyra Team was highly professional and accessible during the implementation of the System which in turn made Board staff feel at ease during those busy months. The implementation was a success, and the New Mexico Medical Board is on its way to fast and effective regulation of Health Care Providers in the State of New Mexico."

Amanda L. Quintana, Public Information Officer/Compliance Manager New Mexico Medical Board

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In partnership with Salesforce, Kyra has propelled the New Mexico Medical Board into the digital age. The transition to a cloud-based system has revolutionized how the Board accepts and processes applications and renewals, making the process smoother and more efficient.

Medical professionals are the direct beneficiaries of this transformation. They can now apply for or renew their licenses online, with most applicants receiving automatic approval. This streamlined process saves time and reduces the administrative burden on these professionals.

But the improvements don't stop at licensing. The system also efficiently manages complaints and investigations. A user-friendly portal lets Patients access a licensee's complete history, including any disciplinary actions.

Kyra's implementation of Salesforce PSS has transformed the New Mexico Medical Board's operations, benefiting medical professionals and patients through increased efficiency and transparency.


In the beautiful southwestern state of New Mexico, the Medical Board wrestles with a labyrinth of challenges that impact both their operations and the experience of their constituents. As the regulator of over 15,000 medical professionals, the Board juggles various roles, each with unique educational, training, and experiential prerequisites.

Central to these challenges is the need for secure and reliable data handling in the medical license intake and renewal processes. The current procedure, rife with manual intervention, is a thorn in the side for both the agency staff and licensees. It's time-consuming, leading to delays and frustration for all parties involved.

In addition to licensing, the Board grapples with the task of handling complaints, conducting investigations, and executing disciplinary actions. This requires maintaining a robust system that upholds the integrity of the medical field and protects public safety. Furthermore, the Board strives to offer constituents transparency into the status of licensees. This includes essential details like their specialty, disciplinary actions, and licensure history.

As we step into the next section, we'll take a close look at the solutions that Kyra brought to the table, showing us the blueprint for a more efficient and transparent regulatory process.


The New Mexico Medical Board has made significant strides in overcoming its challenges thanks to a series of innovative solutions.

The Board waved goodbye to their outdated paper-based system and embraced the future with a cloud-based processing system. This all-in-one online portal was developed in collaboration with Kyra, who worked closely with the Board to establish specific licensure and documentation requirements. This ensured compliance with regulations and data protection standards, making the licensing process more efficient and secure.

The integration of Salesforce PSS has revolutionized how the Board manages complaints and investigations. This powerful tool offers a holistic 360-degree view of work processes, enabling the Board to handle complaints and investigations more effectively.

Complaints are now systematically logged and directed to the investigation manager for prompt follow-up. This streamlined process ensures that every complaint receives the attention it deserves.

For the Board's staff, responding to tickets has become a breeze. Not only is all the necessary information centralized, but they can also utilize pre-designed templates to respond to complaints. This feature saves time and ensures consistency in responses, enhancing the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the complaint management process.

The New Mexico Medical Board's commitment to improvement is evident in its proactive approach to managing prosecutions and compliance actions taken against licensees. The system they've implemented efficiently tracks and records all actions taken, ensuring that the Board can demonstrate compliance with all relevant regulations. This safeguards the Board's operations and instills confidence in its constituents.

This focus on compliance management extends to the Board's interactions with their constituents. They've launched a user-friendly portal that empowers patients to search for licensees and access all relevant information and history. This portal is a crucial tool in the Board's compliance management strategy, ensuring adherence to regulatory standards.

Moreover, this initiative goes beyond just compliance. It also enhances the experience of their constituents and provides a level of transparency that was previously lacking. By providing patients with access to comprehensive licensee information, the Board is meeting regulatory requirements and fostering trust and openness within their community.


The New Mexico Medical Board's implementation of these innovative solutions has led to a host of benefits that have transformed its operations.

Doctor completing an online form. Credit: Midjourney

User-Friendly Process

Thanks to the Online Licensing System, medical professionals can now easily navigate the licensing journey. This web-accessible platform allows them to complete applications and renewals in just a few hours. And if immediate approval isn't possible, they can conveniently track their status, keeping them informed every step of the way.
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Enhanced Data Integrity

The Board's collaboration with Kyra led to a thorough review of their policies, procedures, and statutory requirements. This allowed them to leverage Salesforce's robust security model to meet their stringent requirements. The result? A system that ensures regulatory compliance with standards such as FedRAMP, FISMA, and HIPAA, providing peace of mind for both the Board and its constituents.
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Increased Operational Efficiency

The Board's operations have been supercharged through streamlined processes and business rules. If discrepancies are detected, applications are flagged for agency staff review; otherwise, applications are automatically approved. This efficiency extends to investigations, which can now be completed in days rather than the months or years it took previously.

Constituent Impact

The impact of the new system and processes on the constituents in New Mexico has been nothing short of transformative. Medical professionals and patients alike are reaping the benefits of this digital revolution.

For medical professionals, the days of snail mail are a thing of the past. Instead, they can now apply for and renew their medical licenses online, making the process faster and more convenient. But the benefits don't stop there. They can also track their applications and receive follow-up notifications in one place, eliminating the need to juggle multiple platforms or paperwork.

  1. Instantaneous Results: The new system offers license and renewal processing with automatic approval, provided no reviews are required. This means medical professionals can receive their licenses in record time, allowing them to focus on what they do best - providing care.
  2. One-Stop Shop: The web portal is a single source of truth where medical professionals can track their application progress and access all necessary data. This eliminates confusion and ensures they always have the most up-to-date information at their fingertips.

Patients also stand to gain from this digital transformation. They now have access to near real-time insights on medical professionals, including their licensure history. This transparency empowers patients to make informed decisions about their healthcare, fostering trust in the medical community.